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I am Elizabeth Russo, an illustrator, designer, paper engineer and everything in between. My work explores my Thai-American identity to the diversities in nature. Currently, I work as a graphic designer in the Chicagoland area.


I have a BFA in Illustration and a Minor in Southeast Asian Studies from Northern Illinois University.


My favorite decompression activities are Folkorlico dancing, making comics, reading about face equality and disability, playing the banjo, roller skating, and creating pop-up cards for my friends. 


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Awards and Recognition 

  • Runner-Up, Creative Quarterly 60, 2020

  • Winner for Outstanding Artistry, Contributions and Academic Achievement, Dean's Award, 2019

  • Winner, NIU Artigras Poster Competition, 2019

  • Winner, NIU Artigras Poster Competition, 2018

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